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Born in Sacramento California to an African-American father and a British mother, Nicole Murphy always knew she was destined to be successful.  Growing up with 3 brothers, Nicole started modeling at the young age of 13.

She signed to a modeling agency in San Francisco and immediately started working in commercials and commercial print.  However, it was fashion that really took the young model international, exposing her to a world that she never imagined.  At the age of 14, Nicole entered an international model search contest and took home the top prize.  From this opportunity she was signed to the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency and then subsequently to top Paris agency glamour models.

Nicole was immediately sent overseas and started traveling all over Europe modeling for the top design houses including Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, Ungaro and many more.  While all of this could be a head-spinning whirlwind, especially for a teenager, Nicole stayed grounded and learned quite a bit about herself and others in the process.  Traveling without her family at such a young age forced her to use common sense and her instincts in many situations and it shaped how she has approached life ever since.  It also instilled in young Nicole that she needed to learn the business inside and out.  She recognized that the shelf life of a model had an expiration date so she was determined to learn the business side of things in order to be able to continue long after her modeling years were over.  Her determination to succeed as more than a pretty face came naturally.

By the time she was 20, Nicole returned to the United States.  She was ready to settle down after 7 long years of working and moving around in foreign countries.  Throughout the next two decades Nicole created a beautiful family with her ex-husband, Eddie Murphy.  It was with her 5 beautiful children that Nicole finally felt stable and at peace.

Over the years Nicole has realized that being a mother to her kids is the most important job in life.  She explains, “ Being a mother has changed me tremendously. It makes you look at things differently, see the world in a whole different perspective.” Undoubtedly Nicole will be using her life lessons to help guide all of her children.  In fact she has helped her oldest daughter, 22 year old Bria, make her way into the modeling world.

While her life will always be devoted to her children, Nicole is an entrepreneur by nature.  She launched her jewelry line, FLP by Nicole Murphy, in 2009.

In 2012, Nicole was casted in VH1’s reality show, Hollywood Exes.  She is not only a cast member; she is also an Executive Producer.

Besides the ventures that Nicole is currently working on, there are many other opportunities coming her way.   She is currently exploring all options before determining which direction she will go in.

Nicole is currently engaged to Michael Strahan and is finally able to find some time in her busy schedule to start the wedding planning.  Nicole is living proof that no matter how old you are or how many years you have been in a career there is always room to grow and learn.  With her existing business and new business ventures on the horizon, she is set to make her mark on the world all over again.